Lion and the Friend.

Date: Jul 29, 2022
Author: Adeepa Gunathilake

Here’s a story. Happened in Africa.

There were 2 friends. One day they went to the jungle. All of a sudden, they saw a lion. It may be hungry, don’t know for sure because, you know, it never told me. The problem is, this animal was approching them.

One friend got down to tie the lace of his shoe. The other asked, “what are you doing? You can’t outrun a lion”. Everyone knows this story, but for the sake of completeness, here’s the first friend’s reply.

“I don’t need to outrun a lion, I just need to outrun you.”

I tell this story to everyone. I love it. Why? Don’t know. It is too realistic. Not in the sense whether the incident happened for real or not, but this story explains a typical human mind. It explains how the world works.

Don’t be skid. Peace.

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